1 color

6 shafts

1 weftfeeder

1 warp and clothbeam

9000 wires droppers

1973-1976  yoc

Tw11 330 cm we have about 28 sets

Price:12.225 eur/each cif




P7100 -153” mw
Serial :107000-117000
Total Number of sets available:20
Location : India 
Price: upon request
Sulzer Projectile Machine
Sulzer P7100 - 360 cm  - Reinforced
Total 40  looms
With Batching - Cam Motion

1.5 beam and roll
10000 He'd and dropers
8 frames
2 feeders
Single colour
1989/1991 year
Price : upon request
*Sulzer PU & TW11 (390cm)*
*19 Sets*

15  sets Sulzer PU 390 cm
04 sets Sulzer TW11 390 cm

With KR1 Dobby 2x10 shafts 2x14 shafts installing
With KR1 Dobby 1x12 shafts 2x11 shafts 2x13 shafts 8x14 shafts 2x15 shafts installed

6 Heald Frames
1 Weft Feeder
1.5 Splite Beam
1.5 cloth rollers
As on the looms droppers and heald wires

Click the link below for video & pictures

Upon Request



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