What is the cost of Textilian?

Listing or promoting machines on Textilian website and other marketing sites is free. To
cover the costs of running Textilian, we charge a commission fee when a deal is made. The
commission fee is calculated based on the final price (from 5% to 8%).

What is the registration process?

What is the registration process?

Registering as a Textilian member allows you to make the most of Textilian services. You can ask add and manage your machines, and inquire about you’re the status of your machines, have a dedicated Textilian agent to assist you. The entire process is free, without any hidden fees.

WHAT are incoterms?

The incoterms stand for International Commercial Terms, which specify the costs and risks of shipping, including insurance and import taxes related to an international business deal. While there are many incoterms, just a few are used in the trading of used machines. Main incoterms used by Textilian concerning used equipment: 


 Exworks - The seller makes the goods available at their premises. While this usually does
not include truck loading, this can be discussed with the seller.
 LOC / LOT - stands respectively for Loaded on Container and Loaded on Truck. While these
are not proper incoterms, they notify the seller to take care of dismantling and loading the
truck or container sent by the buyer to the premises. Be sure to properly understand which
shipping resources are needed for specific types of machines (the type of container or truck).
 FCA – stands for Free Carrier. The seller takes care of the loading and delivery to a specific
location in the same country. This leaves some room for negotiation but it is usually
understood as a place close to the seller’s location.
 FOB – stands for Free on Board. The seller has to bring the machine to the nearest major
seaport and leave it at the shipping company (theoretically the ship). He also has to clear the
machine for export.
 CIF – stands for Cost, Insurance, and Freight. The seller is responsible for shipping the
machine to the main destination port, including transport insurance.
 DAP (ex DDU) – stands for Delivered at Place. The seller ships the machine all the way to
the agreed location, but does not take care of import clearance and unloading.
If you do not know which incoterm to use, please leave the field as “----”

Textilian takes data very seriously and keeps all its users’ contact details in a secure database (encrypted with a TLS / SSL key). Machine sellers and buyers, therefore, remain anonymous until an agreement is reached through Textilian’s intermediation and a visit organized.

How do i list machines on Textilian?

Contact us and a team member will advice you regarding the information needed in terms promoting machinery through us or email us the following information as listed below
G-mail: enquiry@thetextilian.com
Whatsapp: +447805 919 650
 forward us the model and manufacturer of the machine and describe it as accurately as possible
 Give as much detail as possible, including the price of the machine
 Specify the country location of the machine, especially if it is different from the country where
you reside
 Forward us as much information as possible in order to make your offer attractive, including pictures and/or videos The more details you add, the more visibility your machine will have, giving it a better position within the Textilian pages OR you can fill out the online form which you will find on the Textilian website.

How can i increase my chances of selling?

1. Have great pictures
On Textilian a listing with 10 pictures is 15 times more likely to sell than a listing with 3
pictures. So having great pictures is the starting point to increase your chances of selling.


2. Write a detailed description
When writing your description you should consider 2 points:

1. Buyers are much more likely to inquire if they trust your listings - so giving many
details about the condition, the options, the maintenance, the usage and the reason
why you are selling your machines will make your listings more trustworthy


2. Longer description makes your listings more visible - our internal search engine as
well as Google or Bing uses the content of the description to show your listings in
search results pages. The more keyword-rich and detailed will be your description,
the better your listings will rank in results

In general here what our buyers need to know before purchasing:

 What was the machine used for?
 How was is maintained?
 How many hours/runs does it have?
 Is it a first-hand?
 Is it viewable in production?
 What are the technical parameters (data sheet)?
 What is included with the machine (parts, accessories)?
 What are the terms of sale? Is loading on truck/container included?
 What are the dimensions and weight?

3. Share your price from the start
Listings with a price displayed online are 3 times more likely to sell than listings with no price shown.

How do I finalize a deal?

Your Textilian agent will help you finalize the deal with the buyer. If you want, the Textilian agent can also help you arrange a visit. All of these services are completely free, without any hidden fees. If the seller does not speak the same language as you, the Textilian agent will help you with communication.

Why would your machines be deleted and not promoted by Textilian?

The main reasons for your machines to be deleted by Textilian are as follows: 


 Your machine has been subject to controversy with possible legal implications (ex. another
company is claiming that they own the machine)
 Your goods are not considered to be used industrial equipment
 Your machines are too small to be effectively sold by Textilian (ex. small parts)
 Your pricing or lack of technical details are clearly preventing any possible deal to be
reached with the potential buyers
 You are not respecting the general terms of use of Textilian. Please contact Textilian if you
have any reason to believe that machines are being deleted from your account without



TEXTILIAN reserves the right to make changes in the Privacy Policy. The current Privacy Policy is obligatory for each customer as well as website's user of TEXTILIAN.
changes do not affect to the basic rule that TEXTILIAN company does not sell or give the personal or address details of the customers/their websites users to the Third Parties.
If you
do not agree with this Privacy Policy, please do not visit sites belonging to the TEXTILIAN
and do not purchase the products and the services offered by TEXTILIAN.

You can use the services belonging to TEXTILIAN and you can be asked to provide your personal details by filling out a form or otherwise. The data you will be asked for are your name and e-mail in most cases. You will be asked for providing the full personal details for
order forms purposes.
If you do not give the required data the activity related with these data will be blocked.
Ordering products and services .
The ordering of the products and the services offered by TEXTILIAN requires filling the full address details in the appropriate form. The mandatory fields are marked.

Explicit Personal Data

Personal data which are visible on the websites belonging to TEXTILIAN by posting comments to articles, forum replies, etc. are available for all websites visitors. 
TEXTILIAN cannot protect you from the individuals or the companies that use these data to send you the vague information. Therefore, these data are not subject to the Privacy Policy.


Some areas of the websites belonging to the TEXTILIAN may use cookies, which are small
text files sent to a computer's user to identify him in this way to simplify or cancel the
Cookies are harmless to the computers and for the users and their data. Cookies work after their acceptance by the browser and keeping them in the disk.

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